CHI Cleveland/351m/400 3v Pro Series Cylinder Heads


$ 2,451.41

CHI’s Ford pro Series cylinder heads represent the ultimate in small block Cleveland cylinder head performance! With an intake port a full ½” higher than existing 3V heads only Ford Yates D3 or Sc1 heads can compare on performance. With various port and chamber volumes available there’s a CHI Pro Series Head to meet your needs.

The Pro Series Cleveland head comes fully CNC ported. At this level of performance CNC porting gives you the repeatable results needed to make the high horsepower level these heads are capable of achieving. The 268cc version has 3.0” minimum cross sectional area and is designed to work with our Pro Series manifold, for horsepower levels beyond 850HP.

To achieve these exceptional results, the 3V Pro Series comes with our tried and tested Kaase 45cc combustion chamber as well as intake and exhaust port layouts. Both the inlet and exhaust ports have been raised. The exhaust port is just a further .100″ higher than our 3V exhaust whilst the intake is .500″ higher. The chamber is a very shallow and extremely efficient design with a total volume of just 45ccs. Valve angles remain standard Cleveland but the valve positions have been moved to optimize their location. These changes require a custom piston with at least a 1.200″ compression height. Most piston manufacturers have digitized the new chamber profile and we have custom pistons readily available. The relocated valve positions also require longer intake and exhaust valves. Using our custom valves will net valve spring installed heights in the 2.100″ range, dependant on the choice of collets and retainers.

Although this cylinder head is designed with shaft mounted rockers is mind, standard Cleveland roller rockers will work with this cylinder head and stud girdles will need slight modification on the intake side for them to fit.

Valve sizes are 2.190″ on the intake and 1.650″ on the exhaust. Our standard valve guide size for the Pro Series is .3125″ (5/16), but the heads can be ordered with 7MM and or 11/32 valve guides if necessary.

So when you’re looking for the ultimate SBF or Cleveland cylinder head look no further than CHI 3V for proven results and outstanding performance.

The price listed is for a pair of heads.

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